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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is sustainable and inclusive development with long term goal of changing the paradigm in use ofICT, gender justice, creating niche for shared dreams of the marginalized, addressing the digital divide andbringing all the stakeholders of development on a common platform. IDAF adheres to the idea of holisticdevelopment of the people and local communities by seeking constructive and meaningful participation of theorganizations, individuals and government and employing technology to address the gap between availableresources and their meaningful and sustainable utilization. We have been striving to make each stakeholderaccountable for development in the society. Shred vision and shared responsibility is one of the major pillarsof our development agenda.

Our Vision

IDAF embarks on sustainable and equitable development of community through participation of women,children,youth, panchayats,local groups,SHGs and rural folks in sharing the fruit of development. It is our vision to work in multidisciplinary fields like ICT,education,livelihood,digital technology,women empowerment,art and culture and efficient use of natural resources.

IDAF visions to work with like-minded people andorganizations for further the goal of development withtwin objective sustainable development andsustainable future. We believe that development with equity, shared vision, and social justice, giving voice tothe marginalized and disadvantaged section of the society will bring a meaningful change in the society.