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Access to quality education to all children up to the age of fourteen is the constitutional commitment of Government of India. Government has made several efforts to achieve the goal of “Universalization of Education”. IDAF with its programme “Access to Education” is running many programme in primary & secondary education. Schools in rural areas continue to suffer from a paucity of committed teachers and proper infrastructure, such as classrooms, blackboards and benches, lack of sanitation facilities and even drinking water. Given that such schools are few and far, most classes are overcrowded, leading to a distorted teacher -student ratio. In such a situation, it is impossible for teachers, even if they are willing to help, to attend to each and every student. Lack of vocational training and non-availability of such courses renders students with barely any employable skills at the end of their schooling. These factors, coupled with other social circumstances have led to alarmingly high dropout rates in the country.

IDAF with its programme access to education has cateredgovt schools, schools at slums& no school areas with new tools of education & learning. Our initiative like “Support my School” “Roshni” & “e-Pathshala on Wheel” has large & successful impact at pilot level & now can be implemented in large scale.