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e-Pathshala on Wheels: “Improving Access to Quality Education”

Proper textbooks, learning material,skill-based, relevant and contemporary curriculum and, most importantly, new digital education technology is urgently needed to enable rural children to compete with their urban counterparts, not only at the national, but at the global level too. Our goal is to bring the outside world to isolated areas and provide children a unique opportunity to experientially learn through extensive use of technology & become change makers.

The e-Pathshala Digital Lab on wheels is a solar powered custom-built replica of a modern day techno savvy class and infotainment center on wheels. Teaching and learning is imparted through tools like computers, tablets, LED screens, Mobile and projector using animation, slideshows, educational videos and other digital content such as Smart Classes and e-Learning apps. Participants are engaged in formal and non-formal education, remedial classes, study tours, exposure trips, health check-ups, and awareness sessions on personal hygiene, de-addiction talks, life-skills and safe environment, among others, to make a difference in their overall well-being

“IDAF is looking for CSR who support new education methods for Slums, Semi-Urban &Rural students”