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Adopt My School

Condition of government schools remains unchanged even after number of government initiatives. We believe CSR can change this at large.IDAF seeks to improve overall condition of Government/ Public schools through Govt& CSR partnerships. The initiative also fulfills MCA’s expectations from companies (falling under CSR ambit) in the field of education through schedule VII of Companies Act 2013. CSR can adopt as many schools to make it model schools in that area.The need analysis will be done for the chosen area, identifying the existing gaps& Prepare a baseline of the schools.

The aim is to augment available infrastructural facilities and ensure they are replicable as model school. It is pertinent to leverage on the government network and ensure their support and participation. The aim is to develop a replicable model with a potential to upscale at larger number of schools in partnership with the government& CSR. We propose a multi-stakeholder engagement approach taking together all parties concerned to revitalize the condition of Govt. schools especially in rural or semi-urban areas.